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Please complete and submit the form below if you have a complaint about a code violation in Clackamas County.

(Please note: Anonymous complaints will not be investigated. Confidential complaints about life, health and/or safety, or environmental damage issues will be investigated with only one complaint. Confidential complaints that do not address a potential life, health and/or safety or environmental damage issue will only be investigated with a minimum of two distinctly separate confidential complaints. For more information: Complaint Intake Policy.)


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About the Violation

Date of Occurrence mm/dd/yyyy
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Address of Occurrence

Type Of Violation
Accumulation of garbage
Construction without a permit
Damaged/Dilapidated/Dangerous Buildings
Failing septic system
Inoperable Vehicles
Living in an accessory building/garage
Occupied recreational vehicle
Operating a business in residential area
Transient Camp
Vegetation removal near a stream or river

Please describe IN DETAIL what you see on the property

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