This form should only be used for new single-family residences in unincorporated Clackamas County, or any city in Clackamas County except for Canby. Rates are reviewed annually and changed as appropriate.

To estimate the fees for a new single-family residence, please fill in the information requested below. Some information will then fill in automatically, and the estimated total fees will be calculated for you and shown at the end of the form.

Size of residence (square feet)
First floor area sq. ft.
Second floor area sq. ft.
Third floor area sq. ft.
Total area sq. ft.
Size of garage, deck and covered patio/porch (square feet)
Garage area sq. ft.
Patio/porch roof area sq. ft.
Deck area sq. ft.
Home valuation $

School District Construction Excise Tax calculation

School district in which residence will be located:

Tax rate of that school district (amount per square foot):
per sq. ft.

Does this district have exemptions?

Metro Construction Excise Tax

Will the residence be located in the Metro construction excise tax* boundary?
*A tax assessed on construction permits issued by local cities and counties in the Portland Metro region. Learn more.

Park System Development Charge (PSDC)

Park zone in which residence be located:
Check the park zone map

Estimated new home permit fees

Building Permit (see fee tier breakdown below) $
Plan Review (65% of Building Permit fee) $
State Surcharge (12% of Building Permit fee) $
Planning Permit (flat rate) $
School District Construction Excise Tax (varies by district, see above) $
Metro Construction Excise Tax (0.12% of the home valuation) $
Park System Development Charge (by park zone) $
Transportation System Development Charge $
Estimated Total Permit Fee $

Frequently asked questions

How does the county calculate valuation?
The county bases valuation on nationally developed models that are adopted statewide. The current values for new residential construction are:

New residential homes (for 2017-18) $118.45/sq. ft.
New garages $47.80/sq. ft.
New patios, porches or decks $23.90/sq. ft.

How does the county calculate the building permit fee?
This fee is based on the valuation of the residence, as shown below:

Tier Value Building Permit Fee
1 $1-2,000 $85
2 $2,001-25,000 $85 + $7.40 per $1,000 of valuation over $2,000
3 $25,001-50,000 $255.20 + $6.72 per $1,000 of valuation over $25,000
4 $50,001-100,000 $423.20 + $4.48 per $1,000 of valuation over $50,000
5 Over $100,001 $647.20 + $3.75 per $1,000 of valuation over $100,000

How does the county determine floor area?
We determine square footage from outside exterior wall to outside exterior wall for each story of the residence.
See Oregon Administrative Rules (OAR) Section 918-050-0100 for additional information.

Does the estimated permit fee include mechanical, plumbing and electrical fees?
No, not at this time. Please also note that the jurisdiction that issues permits for single-family residences in incorporated areas (cities) varies by the city and type of permit. Find out where to get a permit if you live in a city.

For more information about school district tax, planning, system development charges and/or driveway and utility fees, check the following websites:

Thank you for using this fee estimator. If you have had problems and/or need assistance or additional information about fees, please contact the Building Codes Division at 503-742-4240 or