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Breed: German Shepherd Dog/Mix
Age: 8 YEARS
Sex: Neutered
Size: MED
Shelter Name: REX
Shelter ID: 102646
Description: Hello everyone! My name is Rex, and I'm so happy to meet you. I'm a gorgeous middle-aged gentleman looking for a new home to call my own. I will need a home that has no children younger than the age of 13. I will do best with a family who has had larger dogs in their past, and will be willing to continue my training. You will be my advocate, and I will look to you for guidance navigating this big world. I will need a cat-free home, and if I will be living with another dog, preferably your other dog will be of similar age and energy level. I can sometimes get a little excited when things get loud and rambunctious in the home, so I just know that my new family will be excited to have a space just for me that I can hang out in when things are too busy or loud in the home. I do best with a nice calm environment, so having a special place for me when exciting things happen (maybe a kennel just for me!) would be so great! I will be your loyal new best friend, and I can't wait to meet you! If you have any other dogs, please bring them to meet me as well to make sure that we will all be best friends together! Restrictions: Children 13+, Dog Selective, Experience with Larger Dogs Preferred

Breed: Australian Shepherd
Age: 7 YEARS
Sex: Male
Color: BLACK
Shelter Name: BOOMER
Shelter ID: 102653
Description: Bing, bang, boom! Boomer here, and I'm looking for my forever and ever home! I am about a 7 year old Australian Shepherd who enjoys the finer things in life. I love to go for my walks with my friends here at the shelter, I love to have play yard time where I sometimes romp around, and other times I like to relax in the shade and watch the day go by. I'm looking for my forever home to be fairly active to keep me healthy and happy. I'd also like my forever home to have a soft, cozy bed or two for me to nap on. I sometimes like to use my voice to chat with my favorite people, so apartment living wouldn't be best for me. If there is a fenced yard at home, I would love that! I think that cats are pretty fun to chase, but I hear that cats don't think that is fun like I do, so I'd do best without cats at home. If there are already dogs at your house, please bring them to meet me to see if we can be friends! I would prefer dogs that are my side or larger, please. I've started training with the staff here at the shelter and I am really a great learner! I'd love to continue going to training with my forever person so that we can bond a lot quicker and so that we will speak the same language! If you think that my wants and needs sound like a great fit for your lifestyle, come and meet me today! Restrictions: Children 9+, No Cats, Dog selective, Some Experience Preferred.

Breed: Hound mix
Age: 6 YEARS
Sex: Female
Shelter Name: SARAH
Shelter ID: 102658

Breed: Siberian Husky
Sex: Female
Color: BLACK
Size: MED
Shelter Name: SERENITY
Shelter ID: 102685
Description: Hellllooooo world! I'm Serenity, an 8 month old Siberian Husky who is looking for my forever home! I have made some really good people friends here at the shelter, so I've told them what I'm looking for in a forever home and they said they would write it on the interwebs for me. I don't know what the interwebs are, but that doesn't really matter. A forever home is what I'm looking for; someone who is committed to me for my entire life, and that could be many, many years! Are you going to be committed to my success? I am learning a lot of manners while I am here at CCDS, and am looking for my forever person to continue to take me to training classes - I am a smart girl who needs direction and boundaries, as well as socialization, and training will do that for me! Apartment living isn't for me, so I'm looking for a home that has a very high fence - at least 6 feet. I'm a busy and active girl so I'm also looking for my forever person to be busy and active - I will need exercise every single day, and a good bit of it. A walk around the block is just not enough for me. If you are looking for a buddy, and my needs fit your lifestyle, come in and meet me today!! Restrictions: kids age 9 and over, no cats, dog selective (would do better with one my size or larger), no livestock.

Breed: German Shepherd Dog/Beagle
Sex: Female
Color: BLACK
Size: MED
Shelter Name: OLIVE
Shelter ID: 102688
Description: Hello Clackamas County and beyond! My name is Olive, and I am a German Shepherd/Beagle mix who is looking for my forever home! Here's some things to know about me to see if we'd be a great match together: 1) I'm a young gal who's only 8 months! That means that when I say I'm looking for a lifetime commitment which could be a really long time! Are you looking for a friend for maybe 12 years? I'm a commitment, and I'm looking for someone to love and care for me forever! 2) I've already got a jump start on my training, but will need my new person to continue taking me to training classes. They are vital for my development and who I will be when I'm a big girl! I'd rather be a good big girl than a naughty one! 3) I have a lot of energy! I am looking for an active lifestyle - I'd love to be a hiking buddy, and adventure buddy, I hear there are so many outdoor activities around here and I'd really like to go with you! 4) I can be a little bit timid at first, but give me a minute to check you out and you'll see what a silly, active, and cuddly girl I can be! If you think that you can provide me all of my needs, and are looking for a buddy just like me, come in and ask to meet me today! See you soon new friend! Restrictions: kids age 9 and older, no cats, dogs ok, dog experience preferred.

Many of our dogs come in as strays, which means we know very little about their background or true temperament. The information provided is based on what we have observed while the dog is in our care. Because of this, we cannot assure you that a particular animal will always have appropriate behavior with children, cats, or other dogs. These behaviors can evolve over time and often not exhibited in the shelter.

We encourage you to research the dog breed you are interested in, as every breed has certain characteristics and behaviors. Please be sure those breed characteristics will fit in with you and your family’s lifestyle.

*This site is updated once a day, so please note some dogs may have been adopted during that time.

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