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Breed: Alaskan Husky
Sex: Neutered
Color: BLACK
Shelter Name: ROCKY
Shelter ID: 102404
Description: Helloooooooooo Clackamas County!! My name is Rocky and I am Siberian Husky. I don?t quite remember what my birthday is, but my family here at CCDS thinks I?m about 1 ˝ years old. Let?s address my handsomeness right away. Sky blue eyes, beautiful singing voice, and a gorgeous coat. Hand-some!! Along with my handsomeness comes my Husky needs ? active and busy life, both mentally and physically, a good brushing often goes a long way, a home with a fence that is at least 6 feet tall (the taller the better). If you are a Northwestern adventurer out on the trails weekly, exploring all this area offer, I could be your adventuring buddy ? but I need to always be on a leash! Physical exercise is a must for me every single day, it?s in my DNA. Mental exercise is just as important for me ? a bored Husky can often equal a destructive Husky, so please keep my mind busy with puzzle feeders, toys and games, and training. Speaking of training, I hear really cool things about how it will help me and my forever person bond, learn to speak to one another, and will be a great investment for the rest of my life ? I wanna go!! Will you be the one who takes me? Come and meet me soon ? I love my family here but am ready to find my forever home! Recommendation: Adoptable with the following Restrictions: Children 9+, no cats, Dog Selective, and Some Experience Preferred.

Many of our dogs come in as strays, which means we know very little about their background or true temperament. The information provided is based on what we have observed while the dog is in our care. Because of this, we cannot assure you that a particular animal will always have appropriate behavior with children, cats, or other dogs. These behaviors can evolve over time and often not exhibited in the shelter.

We encourage you to research the dog breed you are interested in, as every breed has certain characteristics and behaviors. Please be sure those breed characteristics will fit in with you and your family’s lifestyle.

*This site is updated once a day, so please note some dogs may have been adopted during that time.

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