Look through our adoptable dogs to find the perfect match for you and your family. We assign each dog a breed and do our best to describe the dog’s personality.

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Breed: Australian Cattle Dog/Mix
Age: 2 YEARS
Sex: Spayed
Color: BLACK
Size: MED
Shelter Name: MILEY
Shelter ID: 102151
Description: My name is Miley, and boy am I happy to meet you! I'm an active, younger gal, but have faced some challenges in my young life. The folks at the shelter are feeding me a healthy diet, which will help me gain a little bit more weight and help with some minor hair loss I have on my back. I also have a heart murmur, and this means that I will need a special family who understands that I won't be able to have heavy cardiovascular exercise. I have had some further check-ups on my heart done, and we have discovered that my medical condition cannot be corrected with surgery. I am on a medication though that will help to strengthen my heart! If you would like to meet me, the vet here at the shelter would be more than happy to discuss my condition with you further as well! I'm a happy gal, who will do best with no cats in the house, and any children in the home should be 9 years of age or older. I also can be a bit too energetic and boisterous for some dogs, so please bring any other dogs you have at home in to meet so we can make sure we all get along! I would do best with a lower energy dog, so that I don't get the zooms and overwork my heart! Please come meet me today, I'm sure you'll fall in love! 33.2lbs Restrictions: Dog Selective, No Cats, Children 9+, Health/Medical

Breed: American Pit Bull Terrier/Mix
Age: 11 YEARS
Sex: Spayed
Color: BROWN
Shelter Name: LUCY
Shelter ID: 102225
Description: ***I'm in a foster home! Please call to schedule a time to meet me!*** My name is Lucy and I am ready for a forever home to celebrate my golden years. I am 11 years young; age is just a number and I am proof of that! I really love to be with my people. I walk politely on leash and I've been very good with any of the people I meet. I will want my new dog friends to be calm like me, as a young whippersnapper may be a bit too much energy for me! I would love to meet any current dogs in the home, to be sure we can be best friends! I will need a home with children 9+ years old, as I am an older gal who needs to be treated more gently! I will need to live in a home that has no cats, please! I sure hope to see you soon! Restrictions: Children 9+, No Cats, & Dog Selective

Breed: Beagle/Pug
Age: 5 YEARS
Sex: Neutered
Color: WHITE
Shelter Name: COMET
Shelter ID: 102248
Description: Hello I am Comet! Like my name I am a busy guy who will do best in a home that understands how to train and set boundary's, If you are prepared teach me gentle but firm boundaries and expectations I could be a lovely pet for you. I am bit hand shy of people and I am told I have has a push personality when meeting other dogs, proper introductions will be important. Playing ball and tug are two of my favorite things, I have high drive for things that move so I will probably not be safe around backyard chickens and will love to chase squirrels and wild bunnies. Please come in and meet and talk with an adoption counselor to learn more. Restrictions: Children 13+, No Cats, No Dogs, and Experience Preferred.
Markings: NO CHIP, TAGS, OR ID

Breed: German Shepherd Dog
Age: 1 YEAR
Sex: Male
Color: BLACK
Shelter Name: RUDOLPH
Shelter ID: 102249
Description: Hi there, my name is Rudolph, but you can call me Rudy for short if you want to! I'm a young guy who is in need of a German Shepherd savvy new home. I can be nervous sometimes around strangers, so when you come to visit me, please offer me a treat and a gentle hello! My perfect new home will be one that is excited about taking me to a professional trainer. This will help to build our bond, and will also help with my confidence building and help shape me to be the best German Shepherd I can be! The kind folks here at the shelter can help point you in the right direction for finding a certified trainer if you don't already have a trainer you work with, too. I will need a home that has no children and no cats. If you have another dog, definitely bring them down to meet me, as I can sometimes be a little too much for other dogs and I want to make sure that the resident dog and I will be best friends! I know some basic manners, like sit and shake, but I have so much more that I want to learn with you! Because of my nervousness, you will have to meet with the trainer here at CCDS just to go over some of the things I will need once I leave the shelter. If I sound like a good match, I'll be patiently waiting to meet you! Restrictions: No Children, No Cats, Dog Selective, Meet with CCDS Trainer Required, and Breed Experience Required.

Breed: Pit Bull Terrier
Age: 4 YEARS
Sex: Neutered
Color: BLUE
Shelter Name: HUNTER
Shelter ID: 102276
Description: Hi Clackamas County!! My name is Hunter and I am looking for my forever home! I'm an energetic, strong fella who is about 4 years old. Since I'm a strong fella, I'm needing my forever person to be strong as well so that we can go on walks together. I do need to lose a little weight (hence those walks) to help my joints. I'm also taking a supplement to help my joints and I just might need that forever. I'm a big fella who doesn't quite know my own size, so if there are any dog friends at home, I need them to not be small. You know what else I would love to do with my new person? I would love if we went to training class together! I could learn all of the things to be the best boy I can be, and we could learn things together! That sounds great to me! If this all sounds great to you, swing by and meet me today! Restrictions: Children 13+, No Cats, Dog Selective (No small dogs.), and Some Experience Preferred.

Breed: American Pit Bull Terrier/Mix
Age: 1 YEAR
Sex: Female
Color: BLACK
Size: MED
Shelter Name: MERRY
Shelter ID: 102287
Description: Hello my name is Merry. Tis the season to be merry and bright, like me. I'm very smart. I know some common commands like sit, stay, and shake. For a one year old I'm very well-mannered and walk nice on a leash. Please come down to visit with me so I can melt your heart and become your special companion and best friend. Hope to see you soon. Restrictions: Children 13 years of age or older, No cats, Dog selective, and Some dog experience preferred.

Breed: Chihuahua - Smooth Coated
Age: 3 YEARS
Sex: Female
Color: BLACK
Shelter Name: SUGAR COOKIE
Shelter ID: 102291
Description: Hello my name is Sugar Cookie. The shelter came up with my name because I'm as sweet as sugar and small like a cookie. I am a cuddle bug and would love to climb onto your lap to hang out with you. You will love to pet my smooth as silk hair. I will give you all the unconditional love you will ever need. Please come down to visit and get to know me, you will fall in love very fast. See you soon. Restrictions: Dog selective, Children need to be 9 years of age or older, Cats unknown, and No experience required.
Markings: NO CHIP, ID, OR TAGS

Many of our dogs come in as strays, which means we know very little about their background or true temperament. The information provided is based on what we have observed while the dog is in our care. Because of this, we cannot assure you that a particular animal will always have appropriate behavior with children, cats, or other dogs. These behaviors can evolve over time and often not exhibited in the shelter.

We encourage you to research the dog breed you are interested in, as every breed has certain characteristics and behaviors. Please be sure those breed characteristics will fit in with you and your family’s lifestyle.

*This site is updated once a day, so please note some dogs may have been adopted during that time.

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