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Breed: Labrador Retriever
Age: 10 YEARS
Sex: Male
Shelter Name: EDWARD
Shelter ID: 103073
Description: Why hello there new friend! I'm Edward and it's a pleasure to make your acquaintance! I'm a senior chocolate Labrador who is about 10 years old, and I am looking for my forever retirement home...is it with you? Here's a little ditty about me to see if we jive together: I like leisurely walks around the neighborhood to say hello to friends and smell all of the things. I really like soft, cushy beds - my friends here at the shelter call my bed an orthopedic bed, and while I have no idea what that means, it is crazy comfortable and I really like it. I hope you have at least one or two at your house that I could nap on. I think that getting pet and belly scratches are the bees knees, and I hope that you are skilled in providing them often. Snacks are also pretty fantastic. I take treats nicely and am ready to be spoiled with a few of them every day (not too many to make me heavy and make my legs hurt, but a few a day are just right.) Being the older gentleman that I am I have a few aches, but the Dr. here has me on some supplements that make the aches disappear, so I'll need for you to keep giving them to me (I think they are amazing when they are wrapped in cream cheese. See that part in my bio about treats and stuff that I like.) If you already have a dog at home, I hope that they are a bit older like myself, calmer, and over all of those young dog shenanigans. If I sound like the kind of fella who would brighten your days, come in and meet me today! Restrictions: children ages 13 and older, cats unknown, dog selective.
Markings: NO CHIP, TAGS, OR ID

Breed: Labrador Retriever/Mix
Sex: Male
Shelter Name: BURL
Shelter ID: 103082
Description: Season's Greetings from me, Burl Ives! You can call me Burl for short if you would like! I'm so excited to meet you that I just can't stop my tail from wagging! Let me tell you a little bit about myself! I'm a happy young man who is looking for the love (or loves) of my life. I'm a labrador retriever and hound mix, which means I'm an energetic guy with a lovely singing voice! I've been told that close neighbors may not enjoy my singing though, so I will unfortunately am not cut out for apartment living. I will need a person or family who is dedicated to my training to help me grow into just the best boy ever, and to learn and improve on my manners. Leashes are really weird, so hopefully you're excited about helping me learn to walk nicely on one of those. I REALLY love to explore; this hound nose will follow wherever the smells take me! This means I will need a secured back yard where I can't wander off when investigating a good smell! I really look forward to building my confidence with my new family, which is something that training will help me a lot with! I came to the shelter as a stray, so my friends here don't know if I've ever been around a cat. If you have feline friends and are thinking of bringing me home, please make sure you are prepared for proper and slow introductions between the at and I so that we can all be best friends! Remember that energy I was talking about? It can be a little too much for some other dogs, and I will likely do best with a dog of similar energy level and age. Because of my larger size and exuberant personality, I would also do best in a home that has children who are 13 years or older. So if you're ready for a young, energetic, and oh-so-happy dog to join your life, come meet me today! Restrictions: Children 13+, Cats Unknown, Dog Selective, No Apartments

Many of our dogs come in as strays, which means we know very little about their background or true temperament. The information provided is based on what we have observed while the dog is in our care. Because of this, we cannot assure you that a particular animal will always have appropriate behavior with children, cats, or other dogs. These behaviors can evolve over time and often not exhibited in the shelter.

We encourage you to research the dog breed you are interested in, as every breed has certain characteristics and behaviors. Please be sure those breed characteristics will fit in with you and your family’s lifestyle.

*This site is updated once a day, so please note some dogs may have been adopted during that time.

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