Advisory Boards and Commissions Recruitments

How to apply

If you're interested in any of these opportunities, you can apply now online or request a paper form by calling 503-655-8751 or in person at the Public Services Building at 2051 Kaen Road in Oregon City.

Current Recruitments

This committee has three openings each of which carries a three-year term. Members advise the Board of County Commissioners and county staff on the development and coordination of community involvement programs that promote and enhance public participation.

The committee meets on the third Tuesday of the month in Oregon City. Experience and participation in a community planning organization, hamlet or village is helpful as a majority of the work on this committee is in conjunction with such groups.

The deadline for applications is July 14. For more information, contact Kimberly Dinwiddie-Webb at or 503-655-8751.
Opens : June 02, 2022
Closes : July 14, 2022
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The Council currently has openings for 16 additional members, comprised of consumers, patients, and clients only. The Council oversees operations, budgets, and quality measures at the Health Centers clinics throughout the county. Per federal requirements, the Council must be composed of a majority of patient members, therefore current patients (or their guardians) will be given priority to join the Council to maintain compliance. The Council conducts business through public meetings that are held from 5:00 pm to 7:30 pm on the third Wednesday of each month in the County’s Development Services Building in Oregon City.
Note: Due to COVID-19, meetings are held in a virtual format until further notice.

Council members are not required to have expertise in healthcare, but should be interested in improving the quality of care and patient experience in the Health Centers. Council members should be comfortable working with a diverse group of people and willing to reach consensus on various topics and make recommendations to Health Centers Leadership and the Board of County Commissioners. Individuals who represent all geographic areas and demographics are highly valued by the Council.

Application deadline is May 31, 2022. For more information, contact Samantha Hatfield at

Opens : June 01, 2022
Closes : June 30, 2022
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Clackamas County residents, property owners and business people are invited to apply to fill one of five, three-year positions on the county’s Community Road Fund Advisory Committee (CRFAC).  The 15-member committee, supported by the Department of Transportation and Development, serves in an advisory capacity to the department and to the Board of County Commissioners.

The CRFAC was established in 2019 to prioritize congestion relief projects needed in unincorporated Clackamas County to be funded through the Community Road Fund -- the revenue from the countywide vehicle registration fee that became effective in January 2020.

The county is looking for applicants from throughout unincorporated Clackamas County, especially in the west and southwest, in both rural and urban areas, to apply to fill five positions that would begin July 1, 2022 and continue through June 30, 2025.  Applicants with a background in the business community are also encourage to apply.

The committee meets two to three times a year, as determined by committee members, to:

  • Review the criteria used to identify priority transportation construction projects and the status of projects approved for construction
  • Update project lists over time as road construction projects are completed and as there are changes in project schedules
  • Report the status of the Community Road Fund and projects financed by the Fund to the Board of County Commissioners

In its first year the Committee developed and applied criteria to high priority congestion-relief projects to recommend to the Board of County Commissioners which ones should be funded first with the new vehicle registration fee revenue. 

For more information, contact Ellen Rogalin at

Opens : June 08, 2022
Closes : June 30, 2022
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The board has one opening, which carries a three-year term. The board is the primary policy advisor regarding the activities and operations of the Milwaukie Community Center, and also addresses the needs of older adults and people with disabilities in the area. Duties include addressing the programs and facilities of the Milwaukie Community Center concentrating on the needs, and desires of the senior citizens and others within NCPRD boundaries. Board members must either live or work within the NCPRD boundaries.

The Milwaukie Community Center is a North Clackamas Parks and Recreation District (NCPRD) facility. The board meets on the second Friday of each month at the Milwaukie Community Center. The deadline for applications is June 30, 2022. For more information, please contact the Milwaukie Center Supervisor, Marty Hanley at or 503-794-8058.

Opens : May 26, 2022
Closes : June 30, 2022
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